NODE Berlin Oslo
“John Cage”

I did: typeface, type magazine, photo magazine, t-shirt graphic.

Talking about cages and changes, evolving and expanding limits. An obsessing way of composing music, turned into love for the unpredictable sound.
“John Cage about silence” (video)

I made the typeface using the mathematical rules of golden section.
For the others parameters I followed the liberation of chaos.

Notes that became objects,
music that evolve in sound
from inner to outer.
“Water Walk” (video)

The concept behind the tshirt turns around a music festival that took place in Bologna in 1978, called “John Cage’s train, in search of lost silence". The aim of the  performance was to pursue the research of sound by Cage, combining everyday sound and manufactured sound.

“Empty Words” and “LECTURE OF NOTHING” through the trascendentalism and the I Ching philosophy in a route of reunification with nature. “Tribute to silence” (video)